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Malard - "Zoom in Closer"

A developer who provides high quality and high definition meshes for IMVU developers, and is regarded as a holy grail of knowledge to the deving community in the areas of HD 3D production.

He has also create the FixXMF tool which provides error finding and additional tools to a developer to help increase productivity and production ease to the developer using it.
Content Creator
Developer ID: 1520938
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RealFamily - "Real family, real happiness.:)"

I am a house maker.
I hope I can present you a real family here.
IMVU Content Creator Tiers 5
Developer ID: 78946640
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SassyStory - "Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment"

We're sassy~
Content Creator
Developer ID: 22170729
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Tanya - "Dream - Imagine - Become"

Tanya has been a Content Creator for over 2 years.

She takes pride in not falling into any one category.
Currently majoring in Criminology and minoring in Graphic arts.
She is a wife, mother, a musician, artist , and most of all she is herself.
IMVU Preferred CC (Professional Content Creator)
Developer ID: 13356446
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