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Arezeon - "Let us get lost in the wonderful world of 3D animation"

Currently doing his graduate studies in IT.
He loves to explore the world of 3D animation and wishes to recreate his imagination into reality through it.
It is one of the main reasons he is a content creator on IMVU.
IMVU Content Creator Tiers 6
Developer ID: 33188663
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Confusticated - "I am whacky"

Enjoys gardening and cooking during her spare time (whenever there is)
Has been developing on IMVU for a year and over, and likes making realistic pets mainly.

Has a whacky sense of humour and this is reflected in some of her meshes,
eg, crooked furniture and Robo de Mito.

Content Creator
Developer ID: 2517221
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CreativeStyle - "Building a Legacy"

A developer who constantly produces unique products, displaying his innovative and creative side through various designs.
He specializes in actions and poses, and has currently started meshing and developing derivable items.

He is open to ideas and requests, and is always working to acquire new skills.
Quality, affordability and increasing the standard are his goals for the catalog.
Content Creator
Developer ID: 13589393
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CrystalDiamond - "for all your needs"

Formerly known as Oldhand030914.
Joined Imvu in Feb 2007 and decided to become a developer.

It's taken almost a year to learn how to mesh and the knowledge gathered along the way helped to make this an amazing and enjoyable experience for her.
IMVU Preferred CC (Professional Content Creator)
Developer ID: 9636975
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