2015 January to TERMINATION

12 May 2015
We have just around 10000 credits left. Grab them before they're all gone! 2 days left!
09 May 2015
We have just around 40000 credits left. Grab them before they're all gone! 4 days left!
09 Apr 2015
Today we announce with sad news that Vertexual's IMVU Reselling arm will be terminated as of 15th May 2015. Until then our reselling platform is still open and you may purchase credits from us. Please buy in what you can before the only source of credits is from IMVU and no more cheap credits are available.
03 Apr 2015
Happy Easter! Time to whip out the eggs.
32 Mar 2015
Did you catch it?
14 Feb 2015
Happy Valentines!
03 Feb 2015
Found a critical System bug. We have fixed the log in system, it is now possible to log in to your account. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
01 Jan 2015
Happy New Year eveyone! Vertexual Foundry wishes everyone a bountiful and Happy 2015!

2014 January to December

26 Dec 2014
Boxing day!!! And next. New Year!
21 Dec 2014
Just a few more days left to finish up your Christmas shopping! Running low on credits? Get them here!
27 October 2014
Halloween is coming!!!
8 June 2014
Are you all prepared for June Holidays? IMVU Credits going cheap!
24 April 2014
May day! May day! You will need credits this coming May Day! Get them soon before they run out!
09 March 2014
If you've received your Valentines' gift, perhaps it's time to give back on White Day! What are you planning this coming 15th March?
25 January 2014
Just a few more days to the Lunar New Year of the Horse. Get saddled up for the New Year with loads of IMVU Credits!

2013 January to December

24 December 2013
I spot a Santa! There! Behind you!
2 December 2013
Hohoho! Merry Christmas! Has Santa been lazy this year?
18 November 2013
Are you getting ready for Christmas? Get your credits cheap with us before it runs out!
18 October 2013
It's halloween mood time! Get ready for fright night! Or go prepare it with more credits! Now going cheap!
15 October 2013
IMVU's Gateway will be brought down for maintenance. V:EX's service time will be disrupted at 1am (+8GMT) on 16th October to estimated time of 1pm on 17th October.
5 October 2013
Halloween is coming soon. Is your fright night ready? Credits prices are going to get slashed pretty much.
17 September 2013
Mid Autumn is just around the corner. What are you up to? Go get some fun in imvu! Credits are going cheap for Mid Autumn!
17 August 2013
PayPal's IPN is presently facing technical issues. We apologise for the delay in delivery.
07 August 2013
IMVU has recently released a requirement to all resellers to sell credits only to buyers with a Verified Email within IMVU's system. We are currently incorporating this change. If you face difficulties in your purchase. Please send us a support ticket and we will get to you as soon as possible.
17 July 2013
PayPal is making some updates to their system. If you encounter any issue in your purchase. Please contact us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.
3 July 2013
What are you doing this Independence Day? Celebrating with your loved ones? Don't forget your imvu loved ones too! Get some credits and go deck out your place!
4 June 2013
Fathers' Day is just around the corner, are you getting ready to make your IMVU Fathers Happy too? Here at V:EX, we would like to wish all Fathers, a Happy Fathers' Day.
1 May 2013
Happy Labour Day! Leave your work stress behind and enjoy a day chatting away in imvu!
18 April 2013
Our heart goes out to Boston.
14 March 2013
It's the very much await WHITE DAY! Are you spending quality time with your Darlings?
20 February 2013
Valentines' Day may be over but White Day is coming! Guys, are you excited?
13 January 2013
A major bug was discovered which stopped purchases from showing up correctly. It has since been fixed.
01 January 2013
Happy New Year Everyone! We wish you a joyous 2013!

2012 January to December

25 December 2012
Hohoho Merry Christmas! Here at V:EX we would like to wish everyone a Jolly Good Season.
20 December 2012
It's Christmas Weekend! Have you done your IMVU Christmas shopping yet? Need credits? Get from V:EX! We're really cheap.
5 December 2012
Hohoho! Merry Christmas! It's time to start our Christmas Sale! Come get the IMVU Credits while they're cheap!
17 November 2012
Credits are hitting low rates now! Get them while it's still cheap!
24 October 2012
Hint Hint* Just a few more days to Halloween. Psst* Need credits?
20 September 2012
Formala 1 Singapore starts tomorrow. Are you excited? We are! Why not get some IMVU Credits and purchase some race-gear to get into the F1 fever?
19 August 2012
Want to enjoy upcoming festivities in IMVU? Need more credits to tide over the celebrations? Look no further than V:EX, where cheap imvu credits are safely available.
1 July 2012
4th of July is coming. Get your credits here and spend your Independance day with fun and laughter.
1 May 2012
It's Labour Day! Have a break! Swim in IMVU Credits and shop till you drop! Cheap credits available at the V:EX always~ Get them cheap! Get them now!
5 April 2012
Happy Holidays! Best Wishes from the crew at V:EX!
3 April 2012
Just around a week's time to Good Friday! Have you prepared yourself for the coming Easter weekend? Get some credits and live it up for the coming Easter Weekend!
1 April 2012
Want to play a prank on your good buddies during this April's Fool Day? Need some credits to help you? V:EX has ready credits to loosen up.
17 March 2012
We have successfully completed our major maintenance. All the errors should be resolved now. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in this timeframe. Have a nice day!
17 March 2012
We are currently working to resolve a system problem. Credits selling and purchasing will be sporadic in the interim. We seek your understanding on this matter. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
16 March 2012
We have just completed a system maintenance. Please contact us if you have any issues logging in or purchasing/selling credits. Thank you.
15 January 2012
With the upcoming Lunar New Year. We at Vertexual Foundry: Exchange would like to wish everyone a joyous Dragon Year!
1 January 2012
Happy New Year! We at V:EX wish everyone a Wonderful New Year and a Bountiful year ahead!

2011 January to December

26 December 2011
It's Boxing Day folks! Don't let the festive joy end here. It'll soon be the New year! Have you made your resolution yet? We have a simple one. We want to provide you with great IMVU deals on credit prices. Cheap Stuff, Quality Deals!
25 December 2011
Merry Christmas!!! Seasons Greeting and a Happy New Year everyone!
13 December 2011
With Christmas round the corner, are you getting ready yet? To help you, our reserves has been activated to slash down the prices! Get IMVU credits cheap! While they last!
15 November 2011
Santa is busy getting ready for Christmas! Are you? A stockpile of cheap affordable IMVU Credits await you here at V:EX. Don't forget to shop with our partners!
25 October 2011
Just a few days more to Hallow's Eve! Have you gotten ready for Trick-o-treating? Get some imvu credits now to boost that experience!
07 August 2011
We have a new partner on board. Let's welcome RealFamily!!!.
Do check out her catalog as well.
More information here.
12 July 2011
The 4th of July may be over but this doesn't mean the end of celebrations. Buy credits from us while they're cheap!
1 July 2011
A few more days to the 4th of July. Are you getting your share of credits to celebrate with your loved ones in IMVU?
24 May 2011
Due to heightened fraud activities, we have revised our new user policy and will now be reviewing the accounts of all new users. The process takes from minutes to 12 hours. We seek your understanding to this regard and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
20 May 2011
June approaches and credit prices are going cheap, get them early for your loved ones before the Mid Year break.
7 May 2011
Mothers' Day is here! Have you gotten her a present yet? Why not get some cheap credits with us and buy presents in IMVU for All the Mothers you know and care for?
1 May 2011
It's Labour Day!!! Time to chill and relax! Enjoy a day of fun in IMVU now! Get your credits here with us at cheap and low rates! Don't miss it!
18 April 2011
Credits are selling at one of its lowest prices ever! Get them now before the rates go up again!
08 April 2011
OpenID system is back to normal.
05 April 2011
Due to some technical issues, please log into your IMVU account first before accessing our website via OpenID. If not, you may face a white screen upon first log in. If you see that, simply revisit us and you should be reflected as logged in. Thank you.
25 March 2011
We have installed a fix and will monitor the login system. Please send us a message if you notice anything odd. Thank you.
24 March 2011
There is currently some technical difficulties with IMVU's OpenID system. IMVU is working with us to resolve this. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.
15 March 2011
We at Vertexual extend our well wishes and prayers to the victims in Japan. IMVU users and everyone from Japan, our heart is with you. Please be safe.
15 February 2011
Valentines' Day may be over but don't let the love stop there. Buy some IMVU credits and get some credits for your loved ones~
14 February 2011
We at V:EX wish everyone a romantic Valentines' Day.
11 February 2011
Valentines' Day is just around the corner, are you getting yourself ready for some loving in IMVU? Get the IMVU credits while they're hot!
27 January 2011
We have archived our news.
We would also like to wish everyone a Prosperous Lunar New Year.
18 January 2011
Lunar New Year approaches. Are you in the mood yet?
15 January 2011
We have identified a bug which ended transaction processing time earlier than expected. It has been reset back to 30 minutes for pre-processing.
14 January 2011
We have fixed a bug with our VIP system that assigned CP rewards incorrectly on the 15th of every month.
12 January 2011
We would like to thank all our customers for the support. All RPs from transactions that qualify to be doubled for the next transaction on the 10th to 11th have been doubled now.
10 January 2011
We apologise for the wait. Our system is back up and running now. Please do let us know if there are further problems. We will be doubling all RP value for the next purchase made per customer on the 10th and 11th of January +8GMT (Server time). Don't miss this offer!
9 January 2011
It has been many days since the log in system went down. We would like to extend our apologies for the delay caused. We have identified the issue and is working to resolve this.
7 January 2011
We would like to apologise for the extended delay as we try to get the log in system working again.
6 January 2011
We are currently facing some issues with the log-in system due to some communication issues with IMVU's server. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.
4 January 2011
We have a scheduled maintenance this coming Sunday, 9th January from 3AM to 6AM server time. Please get your credits early or wait till the maintenance is over. Thank you!
1 January 2011
Happy 1.1.11!! Nice number to start the New Year off. May everyone's 2011 be a fruitful year!

2010 January to December

28 December 2010
Christmas may be over but New Year is just right around the corner. Have you made your new year resolution yet? Need help in deciding that one gift you want to give your friends? Well V:EX is here to help. Shop with us and get cheap credits to aid you in this quest.
25 December 2010
We over at the Vertexual Foundry: Exchange would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have fun with your loved ones!
22 December 2010
HOHOHO!!! Merry Christmas! With Christmas just around the corner, are you getting yourself ready yet for the festive season? Fret not, we will always have credits ready for you to use for Christmas shopping.
5 December 2010
In line with IMVU's relaxing of the credits limits. We have also relaxed our sellers' limits even further. Check your sellng limit now.
22 November 2010
We have now better streamlined our applications for users to become sellers with the V:EX. We will cease to invite via sellership openings and treat each application on a case by case basis from now on.
17 November 2010
Let's welcome our new partner, cybersub!
16 November 2010
Everyone is getting ready early for Christmas! Are you? Good news to sellers, we have increased the selling limits! Log in to check your limit now.
29 October 2010
Just a few more days to Halloween, and IMVU credits are going at low prices. Get them now!
24 October 2010
It's Halloween Week! Are you ready!? If you're here, you probably have not gotten ready yet. So get some credits from us and start shopping for Halloween!
2 October 2010
We have sent out our next round of invites for seller applications. Do check your mail to see if you received our invitation in you have previously applied with us.
V:EX next round of seller invites slated for the last week of September. Get in now before the next wait. Buyers can buy credits with confidence safely and not worry.
25 AUGUST 2010
IMVU Credits going at low rates everyday! Going from 50% off IMVU's main prices and upwards! Register your account to join our referral program. Support us and earn free credits!
19 AUGUST 2010
Watch the Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore by clicking here.
Buy IMVU credits with us and get into the heat of your favourite sport!
1 AUGUST 2010
The Youth Olympics start this month in Singapore. Are you an Athlete? Looking to dress it up to support your favourite olympic event? Never heard about the Youth Olympic Games? Well it's time to go check it up! IMVU Credits can be bought here to help you get things easier.
17 JULY 2010
Need credits to tide over your spendings? Get them at affordable rates and cheaply here with us at V:EX where we support a multitude of developers!
12 JULY 2010
And the results out~! Spain has won the world cup! This doesn't mean the world cup fever is over yet. Buy some IMVU credits today and continue living it up!
8 JULY 2010
It's the World Cup Finals!
Holland vs Spain.
And we're all ready here! Buy credits and shop in IMVU! Get into the soccer fever now~! Hurry, credits are going hot!
7 JULY 2010
Seller Depositing system is back up and functioning. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
4 JULY 2010
Due to IMVU's server maintenance for their developers' report page. We are presently unable to reflect credits deposits for our sellers as we are extracting information direct from the reports. A manual update is offered in the meantime. Please send a support ticket if you would like the manual update.
More Information
1 JULY 2010
4th of July is coming! Are you getting ready for shopping? Buy some credits and get going to show your patriotism in IMVU!
24 JUNE 2010
Not in the World Cup fever yet? Buy some credits and get dressed for the World Cup~!
4 JUNE 2010
Are you getting ready for your mid year holidaying? Get some IMVU Credits from us and enjoy your time in IMVU~
12 MAY 2010
How was Mothers' Day celebration? Keep the love flowing and buy some IMVU credits to get gifts for your Mum. Pamper her with lots of IMVU Gifts~!
24 APR 2010
IMVU is back up. However if there are any issues. Please do not hesitate to send us a support ticket.
23 APR 2010
IMVU is presently having a power outage. Entire site outage is expected. There will be issues logging into our system due to this as we are linked to them via OpenID.
21 APR 2010
Labour day is coming, are you getting ready to relax and have fun? Don't forget to buy some IMVU credits and have a blast in IMVU.
20 APR 2010
Server maintenance has ended. Please send us a support ticket if there is any errors or problems faced. Thank you.
19 APR 2010
There will be a downtime tomorrow, 20th April from 10AM to 6PM +8GMT
Please let us know if there is any issues with signing up a new account. Please use Internet Explorer if Firefox is facing problems
18 APR 2010
We finished a small round of maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience caused during today's downtime.
12 APR 2010
The Weekend is over and Credits are still selling at insanely low prices! Get your dose of IMVU credits here!
09 APR 2010
Wow! Credits selling at really low prices! Get your dose of IMVU credits for the coming weekend here!
03 APR 2010
We would like to extend our well wishes this Easter. Have a happy Easter everyone.
22 MAR 2010
We have increased our seller's daily Selling limits.
Sellers, please check your account to find out your new limits.
17 MAR 2010
We have archived our news.
We have sent out our next round of invites to become a seller.
Please check your mail if you have previously requested to sell with us.
27 FEB 2010
We will soon archive the news panel. Old information will be accessible still.
16 FEB 2010
Valentines' Day may be over but that doesn't mean the love stops there! Surprise your loved ones by getting them that gift they oh-so-desired in IMVU. Get them with IMVU credits our developers are selling here.
We have resolved the registration and log in issues. Email verifications are sending out properly now. If you would like to receive a re-activation email or have not received your activation email or faced an error, please send us a Support ticket.
14 FEB 2010
We would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines' Day. May you enjoy love and laughter with your loved ones.
We have resolved some registration and log in issues. Email verifications should be sending out properly now. If you would like to receive a re-activation email or have not received your activation email or faced an error, please send us a Support ticket.
13 FEB 2010
Having issues registering or logging on? Please let us know. Our team is working to resolve the issues. If you registered but saw an error screen, your account was successfully created. Please send us a support ticket to complete the account creation.
01 FEB 2010
Valentines' Day is coming. Are you getting ready for it yet? Yes? Hopefully our cheap IMVU Credits will help you in your Valentines' Day shopping.
15 JAN 2010
Did you know, buying from us is cheaper than buying from IMVU? There's so much discount we're giving! Support the IMVU content creators! Buy from us today!
5 JAN 2010
We hope everyone has had a joyous new year this festive season. We will soon have new sellers in our system. Seller limits have been re-adjusted to fit the present economy.

2009 September - December

31 DEC 2009
As we cross over to the New Year, 2010, we here at the Vertexual Foundry: Exchange would like to wish everyone a Happy and Joyous New Year. If you have any suggestions and feedback to how we can improve the site, feel free to contact us by our support page.
21 DEC 2009
Due to a massive bug which caused all our prices to drop to our testing system's purchase rates, we have refunded the credits sold during that interim to the sellers' balance.
20 DEC 2009
We have fixed the display issue for the public sellers. We would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
18 DEC 2009
Public rate Sellers (VIPs), there may be some issues with displaying the available rates being sold at the VIP section. It is a display error and is being worked on to reflect the rates better. In the meantime, to know if your rate is selling, please check under your seller account information and it will be displayed there.
12 DEC 2009
We have increased the selling limits for our sellers. Do log in to check on your new limit.
26 NOV 2009
Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!
16 NOV 2009
We have replied to our first round of invites' sellership and partnership applicants.
13 NOV 2009
Due to the catalog bug that plagued IMVU, we were unable to check through most of the seller applicants' catalogs. As of such, a delay occured and we will be sending out the results of the applications from the first round of seller invites on Monday. Sorry for the delay.
06 NOV 2009
1,000 credits worth of prizes to be won!
Simply send us a support ticket detailing which Foundry Partner you like the most and why you like him/her.
The top 10 best written entries may be featured.
Each winner will be given 1,000 credits.
Contest ends 30th November 2009.
05 NOV 2009
We have sent out the first round of invites to our seller and partner applicants.
Please check your email if you have previously sent us a request for partnership/sellership.
There will be a small competition with credit rewards this weekend. Keep an eye open for the news notice on 06 November 2009.
02 NOV 2009
We at V:EX would hope everyone enjoyed a Frightful Halloween.
Our partner, Visnova has created an interesting application called PoseCentral. Check it out~
25 OCT 2009
We at V:EX would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween in advance.
Come November, we will be holding some special events. Stay tuned.
We will be sending our first round of invites for our partnership and sellership applicants in a week's time. Thank you for the patience.
20 OCT 2009
There was an issue with registration recently. That has been resolved.
19 OCT 2009
If you are unable to log into your account. It may be due to some interference from the openID server. When this happens, try logging in again in a few minutes.
The automatic mail sending system is currently undergoing maintenance. If you are registering your account and have not received your verification email, please contact us for a manual send of the verification emails.
15 OCT 2009
PayPal's maintenance is over. If you do not receive your credits, please let us know.
14 OCT 2009
PayPal is currently suffering an outage due to its maintenance for its IPN system. If you do not receive your credits, please let us know and we will refund the transaction.
13 OCT 2009
We have rectified an error in the emails we sent out for completed transactions. The error wrongly stated an extra 3% in the credit value of what was purchased. The extra 3% is the fee imposed by IMVU for all credit transactions. We would like to apologise for the confusion.
12 OCT 2009
We are currently looking for partners and sellers. It may take a month or more to process applications due to the volume we are receiving and some bugs we have encountered lately regarding the selling system. We would like to apologise for the delay caused to our sellers.
7 SEPT 2009
There are some launch bugs but we're ironing them out. Do contact us if you find any problem.
6 SEPT 2009
Welcome to the brand new Evolved Vertexual Foundry.
Now an exchange platform for everyone.
We are a place where you can buy and sell credits without necessarily becoming a Foundry Partner.
As a VIP with us, you can apply to sell credits as long as you are a content creator with IMVU. Terms and Conditions apply.
We have ceased accepting eCheques to prevent locking down of credit rates unfairly.
Official PayPal Seal

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